Oh, there’s a purpose. I had a thought about the multi-verse theory… I think it’s in string theory, where it’s suggested that there is a universe, parallel to this one, where all of the other choices were made in my life — The ones DC Comics needs to stay out of because it’s too much for them — and it crossed my mind that if true, there was a universe where it all meant something else entirely.

It would also mean that there would always be one where I was alive — and in fact it would mean there was one where I was God. Which would meant that I knew the purpose. I understood the whole thing, and was laughing at myself over here, for not getting the joke.

Clothing and Emperors

The second and more interesting point is that nothing changes. Everyone agrees, even the Emperor, but the procession goes on,

A moment of convergence brought up the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. I’m sure you have heard the tale many times in full, and can recall the story without Continue reading “Clothing and Emperors”


Mad? Am I, madam?
Madam in Eden, I’m Adam.
mad Adam
No miss, it is Simon.
No misses ordered roses, Simon.
No mists or frost, Simon.
Yawn a more Roman way
Yawn. Madonna Fan? No damn way
Yawn, redo man in a modern way.
Sex at noon taxes.
Red rum, sir, is murder.
Sex attendees seed net taxes.
Red root put up to order.
Red rum, eh? ‘Twas I saw the murder.
No sign, in evening, is on.
No trace; not one carton.
No word, no bond; row on.

Now, the fun is done, read them from right to left and heard the song again.