US Retail Management Kills Ecomony

If you search Google for -- how much is lost due to theft from retailers per year you will get a list of articles with headlines that say, retailers loose $44billion a year to theft -- which isn't true. In fact, that's not even close. What the NRF report said was -- Shoplifting and organized … Continue reading US Retail Management Kills Ecomony



Oh, there's a purpose. I had a thought about the multi-verse theory... I think it's in string theory, where it's suggested that there is a universe, parallel to this one, where all of the other choices were made in my life -- The ones DC Comics needs to stay out of because it's too much … Continue reading Purpose

Been Framed

Framing essentially involves selection and salience. To frame is to select some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more salient in a communicating text, in such a way as to promote a particular problem definition, causal interpretation, moral evaluation, and/or treatment recommendation for the item described. Typical frames diagnose, evaluate, and prescribe. A … Continue reading Been Framed