US Retail Management Kills Ecomony

If you search Google for -- how much is lost due to theft from retailers per year you will get a list of articles with headlines that say, retailers loose $44billion a year to theft -- which isn't true. In fact, that's not even close. What the NRF report said was -- Shoplifting and organized … Continue reading US Retail Management Kills Ecomony


The Russian Propaganda Model

RAND research as well as others like PEW research have put out their findings on the Russian propaganda tech. The Russian propaganda model is high-volume and multichannel, and it disseminates messages without regard for the truth. It is also rapid, continuous, and repetitive, and it lacks commitment to consistency. Although these techniques would seem to … Continue reading The Russian Propaganda Model

Appeal to Fear

The combination of a measured Appeal to Fear  in combination or tandem with the But You Are Free (BYAF), tool (also known as the Evocation Of Freedom to Compliance) is currently in the top three persuasion tactics currently understood.